Friday, March 27, 2009

Public Ad Campaign

Just checked out Public Ad Campaign for the first time in a while. Looks like my man Jordan has been keeping tabs on New York! Jordan is an outdoor artist and activist against the violation of public space by big time media and advertising companies.. Jordan recontextualizes outdoor public advertisements with his own artwork and/or ideas.. shining a light on the infringement of billboards and the barrage of advertising into our daily lives. He also fights against illegal billboards in New York City, and on his blog generally comments on new technology in outdoor advertising and media. It is a great campaign and opens up the discussion over what is public space, who owns it, and who has access to it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


My friend and designer in arms, Matt Moore, just sent me copies of his new book. One consists of all his black and white artwork on individual movable pages. The other is a color alphabet book essentially of letters of the alphabet he designed.. rad!

If anyone is interested, you can scoop your own here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The People I Trust - Part 1

Most people scare me. I'm going to start cataloging why...
(All images courtesy of the boobtube)

A Day in the Life...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Interview at Castor and Pollux

Matthias, from the German blog, Castor und Pollux, interviewed me recently and the post is now up! Matthias asked me about the progression of my art into some of the installation work it is today.. In particular, my Hyper Stumps intallation at Thinkspace Gallery last year was discussed..

The interview is in german and english.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Otuya & Beyond..

Checked out a great show at Compound Gallery last thursday. It was called Otuya (the Japanese word roughly referring to something similar to a funeral wake here.. i think) featuring ImaOne, Tenga, and Shohei, all artists from Tokyo. I don't think this is common knowledge, but one of the artists, Shohei, is the son of Katsuhiro Ōtomo, the infamous creator of the even more infamous Japanese animated classic Akira. Imagine that much creativity and skill in one family! And the guy was just a normal, talented, cool and awesome guy.. whooda thought!

I had a chance to meet and hang out with all of them and they are really enthusiastic and talented people.. The opening was super fun, as was the rest of the night..

First image courtesy of Matt from Compound Gallery and his blog.

Dinner and drinks anyone? ImaOne, Tenga, and Shohei - from the left to right across the table

Somehow the Googly Eye crew struck while i was having a beer and a whiskey.. with my mouth open no less.

It was first thursday last week too, so I had a chance to check out a number of other openings going on that night.. In general, there was lots of great work! Portland stand up!

Then it was off to Someday lounge for a night of party time..

Then getting drunk and zoning out..

Then experiments with a Tazer..

Then my eventual ruin from too much booze and Tazerings.. All in all, I can't complain.. It was an awesome night.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The $tatus Faction at Ronin Gallery

My homie Gabe in LA and his crew, collectively the $tatus Faction, are having a pop-up show at the Ronin Gallery in Echo Park, Los Angeles.. anyone in the area should swing on through and show some support.. the shit will be fresh!

The $tatus Faction is having a pop-up art show "That Shit's Fresh" at the Ronin Gallery (, located at 1924 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026. The exhibit runs from March 20th to March 23rd. The opening reception is Friday March 20th 7-11pm. The Ronin Gallery is open Wed-Sun 11am-8pm and by appointment.

The $tatus Faction (T$F) is a Los Angeles based collective of painters, designers, dodgeballers, bicycle enthusiasts, vandals and kids who run with scissors. "That Shit's Fresh" introduces new gallery works exploring humor, color theory, politics, self-promotion and destruction. For a hint of hi-jinx visit

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Acid in the Ice Cream X Das Monk

An Australian clothing brand, Das Monk, was really interested in my main art installation from my Acid in the Ice Cream show, They wanted to print it on tees... I was like, ok! Keep an eye out.. it will be dropping soon. Maybe I'll even try to get a few for my own shop.