Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mt. St. Helens

For the third time in my life, I visited nearby Mt. St. Helens in Washington state. This time was special for me in that most of the access roads and hiking trails were actually passable this time. Me, my brother Blake and his friend Gilby took an amazing hike out a ridge with a spectacular view head on of the blasted side. This baby erupted almost 30 years ago. It's amazing that something so beautiful came out of so much destruction. Chalk that up for the immense power of mother nature.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Acid Ice Cream X Das Monk tees!

Just got an email from my man Marc at the Australian tshirt brand Das Monk. My Acid in the Ice Cream collabo tee is up and selling now! Let those fingers do the walking over to www.dasmonk.com to scoop one up!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tank Theory Spring/Summer 2009

We have updated Tank Theory with a spattering of new releases from our spring/summer 09 line, Toyland. Check them out today at www.tanktheory.com.

And keep those eyes peeled for new releases over the coming weeks!

Spring TT Photo session

I did some photo shooting this weekend at my studio for the new Tank Theory stuff that's dropping now. The direction for the spring/summer season is caricature.. cartoons if you will.. and their infiltration into almost every aspect of the world we live in.. These tees are crazy.. probably some of the wackiest stuff i've ever designed. They're definitely worth a gander. Check out www.tanktheory.com to peep some of the new spring/summer digs.

Thanks to all my lovely models!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Michele Johnsen - Forest Lover Exhibition

My mom recently held an exhibition of her new work at the WREN Gallery in Bethlehem, NH - titled "Forest Lover". For those of you who don't know where my creative side came from, you can thank Michele Johnsen, my mom and mentor. Michele creates a lot of landscape oriented work, some traditional, some more ephemeral or dreamlike in quality. This latest exhibition showcases her more dreamlike landscapes based upon the rural northeast.

I don't think I ever posted this before, but check out her website too! www.michelejohnsen.com

Mom, you do me proud! Send me bigger pictures next time!

Alberta Art Hop

Anyone who is in the Portland area, should come to Alberta street on Sat, May 16th for a day of art, food and good times. Alberta street will be closed off from like 15th to 33rd St. and filled with musicians, artists and vendors selling artwork, food, crafts and all types of other goodies. Yours truly will be there too.. Block 28, Slot 1..I'll be hocking Tank Theory tees, silkscreen prints, and other various goodies.. Come on through and say hi.. I'll be there from 11am - 6pm.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Public Ad Campaign - NYSAT Project!

Go Jordan and the NYSAT Project Team! A little late on posting this, as I was out of the country at the time.. Jordan Seiler, creator of Public Ad Campaign came up with a project to whitewash over 120 illegal billboards in New York City and have artists create original works in place of the illegal posted ads in all 120 locations around the city.. an amazing undertaking and an amazing project!

You have got to check out Public Ad Campaign.. Dig deep, there are lots of videos and information. Below is one video compilation of the project courtesy of Rocketboom. Go!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Best of the Beast!

Good friend and fellow designer in arms, Dust La Rock, held a killer solo show in NY that I unfortunately missed. Looks like he had plenty of company though.. with heavy hitters the likes of A-Trak, Claw Money, and Eric Haze plus other industry giants all in attendance.. go get 'em bro!

Anyone in NY should mosey on over to the Christopher Henry Gallery before the show comes down to pay homage.

I stole all these images off the Fool's Gold website.. more info there too.


Apologies for the lapse in posts, but I've been away in paradise regrouping.. Anyone who ordered prints while I was gone will be getting packages soon! Again, sorry for the delay..

...in the meantime, some images from undisclosed locations..