Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tank Theory July 09

A little late on this one.. but wanted to alert yall to some new tshirts available at We are finally releasing some of the summer Artist Society tees, and they are wicked! Check out J-Pop by Daniel St. George, Fab 5 Freddy by Kenyon B, Crow House by Lupo Avanti and Razor Burn by Nick Olmsted..

gotta love these..
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Print Giveaways at LIP magazine!

Right now, viewers of LIP online magazine have the opportunity to win some free prints by yours truly.. Swing on through LIP, leave a comment, and cross your fingers!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cabin-ing Two: A Portrait series by Adam Amengual

Now here we go.. this is how it's done! My man Adam sent me these today.. further explorations into cabin living.. me gusto mucho!

All images courtesy Adam Amengual


Every 4th of July, my friend Marion invites the homies to her parents' cabin in the Poconos of PA. I missed the last trip due to my west coast status, but this year I couldn't resist... so I plunked down the cash for a round trip ticket, braved the flight to NY, met up with my east coast comrades and headed into the woods for 4 days of recreation. What I met there was great friends, great food, great weed, great mushrooms, great trails, great fireworks, and great sleep.. A couple images if you will..