Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life Piles - Letterpress Progress

I visited my friend Keegan at his print studio the other day to sit in on the printing of the first of my letterpress editions. I have never had prints made in this way before and it was really fun watching the progress. I am getting 3 letterpress prints made in total, 50 of each. The set will be called the Life Piles series. The orange blobs in the photos below are actually the plates for 2 of the drawings.. the third one is on the press getting inked..

I think i'll delay the launch of my new site by a couple days, while I wait to get all these. Then I'll launch when I have fun new prints to offer!

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Website launching soon!

T minus 5... days or so and counting... Until a brand spanking new version of Zenvironments.com drops.. and with it, an all new Zachjohnsen.com as well! Super excited over here.. just putting the finishing touches on both and waiting for a new set of prints to arrive before I launch.. Keep it tuned!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Work in progress

Been working on a new series of drawings for the art show in my studio later this month. I always love breaking out the big brushes to start out with.. Here, my studio mate Danny holds the weapon of mass destruction..

Open Studios!

I am organizing an open studios event at the North Coast Seed building in which my studio resides. It is slated for Sat. Oct. 24th. During the open studios event, I'll also be throwing an art show and party in my own studio. I'll be showing a new series of work as well as an installation and there will also be work by fellow artists Eatcho, Nick Olmstead, Keegan Onefoot and others. I think it will also serve as a Zenvironments website release party as my new website will be off the ground by then! Hopefully, there will be some performance and projections as well. More details to be announced..