Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunnyside Yard silkscreen prints now available!

I just received two new silkscreen prints.. these commemorating my Sunnyside Yard show in Los Angeles. These are both more bold, more colorful, and more technical than any of my previous prints.. and they are bigger. Plus, they are limited to only 50 each. Scoop one up in my online store here, or if you live in the Portland area, swing through Compound Gallery or Breeze Block Gallery and grab one in person..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

West Coast Roadtrip

I took advantage of the fact that my show at Thinkspace, the Sunnyside Yard, was in LA. Instead of boxing up and shipping all my work to Los Angeles, I decided to take the opportunity and road trip down with all the work packed in my subes. It was an amazing trip altogether, from Humbolt County to the Redwoods to Napa Valley to my time in LA and my trip all the way back up 101 back into Portland. The diversity of landscape, texture, temperature and weather.. it was amazing.. something I had never done before. I documented a lot of it.. here are some selects from the trip.

My friend Flavio. He started off the trip with me out of Portland and stayed on until Humbolt county..

The waters off the Black Sand beach in California. They were angry..

A crazy project in the works.. joining a bridge..

Venice Beach

My friend Gabe coming out of the Portaparty.. an installation at Royal T in Culver City. Gabe put me up while I was in LA. He's an artist and designer in his own right and one part of the sticker guerilla crew.. Status Faction.

The Oregon Dunes
Very serendipitous.. my good friends from New York, Rebecca and Jen, flew into Portland just as I was leaving. They are on a coastal biking expedition from Portland, Oregon to San Fransisco! They are insane.. let's just put it like that. I met up with them on my way back up the 101 in a small town called Langolia.. They actually have a blog of their biking progress, amongst other things.. check it out.

The Sunnyside Yard Show Opening

This past weekend was the opening of the Sunnyside Yard show at Thinkspace gallery in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

Here are the few pictures I was able to grab from the opening night. You can see additional photos of the opening night of both the Sunnyside Yard and the main gallery's show Tumbling by Lesley Reppeteaux here.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feature in the Colebrook Chronicle

I recently got some love at one of the local papers from my home town, the Colebrook Chronicle. Locale writer Tom Jordan hooked me up with a cover feature of my BL!SSS Magazine cover and also some other photos of my work w/ Marion Bolognesi & Tony Phillippou..

It's great that some of my artwork and endeavors have reached back to where I was raised for many a year. And the fact that I can share the front cover with something as illustrious as the Moose Festival is cause for celebration! Check out the other headlines on the page.. I'm pretty sure if you enlarge the image you can read the type. Yup.. this is where my heart is and where I'm coming from..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Sunnyside Yard Party

I am leaving for LA in a week for my latest show at Thinkspace, titled the Sunnyside Yard. Mostly, this is going to be an installation show in their project room. For the last couple weeks, I have been hustling on a whole new series of woodies, this time revolving around office politics meets hyper consciousness.. in other words, office workers gone birdie..

To mark the completion of my work on the installation part of the show, I wanted to throw a prescreening party to let all the folks here in Portland see what I have been up to before it all leaves for LA.

Below are a series of polaroids my friend Jen took of the party.. and the party interacting with the characters I created..

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Zenvironments skatedecks through Artsprojekt!

I had the pleasure of being invited to join a wicked collective called Artsprojekt recently. It is founded by none other than Andy Howell himself and promotes a type of on-demand art never before done on this scale and quality. You can order some of your favorite artists' work on skateboards, tees, giclee prints and more.

Andy is working with the likes of Shepard Fairey and Dalek and was kind enough to ask me to join in and also my brand Tank Theory! Currently, I am only offering my artwork on skatedecks, but fear not, the reproduction and quality are unrivaled. It's a giclee print on a skateboard for christ's sake! You could easily enough hang this on your wall as an art piece... some of you may.

I will be adding new products to Artsprojekt frequently, so do yourself the favor of checking this site out regularly.

These decks will be available shortly on my own site, but for now, check out Artsprojekt. You can search for me in the site or purchase the skatedecks directly here..