Friday, June 26, 2009

Explosive Silkscreen Print set!

New silkscreen print series available now in my shop! I just received these a few days ago and was thrilled with the print quality and overall end product.

The 2 prints, "Bored Meeting" and "Tantrum" are each 12"x36" 5 color silkscreen prints on high quality cream art paper. The edition is 100 each, signed and numbered. You can scoop these up for $65 each or $110 for both..

Check out more images at the Zenvironments store!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer fun...

Summer has officially begun. Let the good (and weird) times roll!

Another satisfied customer

A one Ms. Blanton Shauinger came by the studio the other day to pick up some hands she just purchased for her hair salon.. I'm sure those big green buggers will get many a hair wet!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Black Lodges Feature

This has been up for over a week now, but only realized it was up now.. I have artwork featured on Black Lodges, a creative agency and online magazine. Take a look and get some background on past works I've created!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tank Theory June 09 Update!

Some new tees designed by yours truly available now for June at Check em!

Strange Bedfellows

Meant to post this BEFORE the actual show, but last night saw the opening of the Strange Bedfellows Exhibition at Compound Gallery in Portland. The show was an international art collaboration between Japan and Portland.. One japanese artist and one portland based artist combined their work and styles on one wood panel. This exhibition is the result of those collaborations.. I have to say, they all came out awesome. As I have posted before, I collaborated with the Tokyo based artist Mahk.

Here are the few images I was able to grab of the opening and some of the collabs.. More and better info at Compound Gallery.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

La Maldad del Hombre

I created this piece about 2 years ago for a Tank Theory tshirt graphic. It's a spin off of indie Spanish cinema posters from the last decade.

Well it just so happens my mother teaches art class at the high school that i used to attend in NH. They are doing their final projects and their assignment was to reproduce a work from one of the masters or from an artist they admire. One of her students ended up choosing one of my works to reproduce! I guess I can chalk that up to being the son of the art teacher, but none the less, I am honored that she chose to reproduce one of mine.

Came out not so bad i think? Keep up the good work Shonna and keep with it!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Color Mag - Contributor status

Got a nice little package in the mail this morning.. containing 2 issues of the Vancouver, BC based skate mag, Color. Bitchin!
One of the issues, 7.1 Spring 2009, features some editorial illustrations from yours truly.. They even hooked me up in the contributors page!

Color Magazine is dope.. A stylish, contemporary skate mag, but not lame like most of them. Get em' if ya can..

Old, burnt and trashy

In certain places you can feel the history as plain as if the people and the things that inhabited it were still there. This place stunk of it.. and not in a good way. Me and my friend Nick both got the distinct feeling that there was a body underneath all that burnt rubble..