Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Acid in the Ice Cream - Opening flix

Some pictures from my opening of the Acid in the Ice Cream show.
The show will be up until Jan 4th of 2009, so anyone in the area who didn't have a chance to come out.. come out!

See can see additional photos at my show gallery here.

First Thursday / Art Show Opening
December 4th, 2008
Show Dates: December 4 - January 4, 2009

Backspace is pleased to announce Acid in the Ice Cream, the a solo show featuring the newest body of work by illustrator and artist, Zach Johnsen. Acid in the Ice Cream is a departure from Johnsen's customary imagery of critters, miscreants, and darting bodies. Instead, this show depicts more the human form and how it interacts with this world of ghosts and energies. Acid in the Ice Cream implies an act of violence or revulsion amongst something cute and cuddly. It is a sea of stuffed animals filled with cacti. It is a lollipop that tastes like tar and oil. It is a moment of pure revelation while drinking your morning coffee or tea. It is a sudden realization that everything we deal with on a day to day isn't all that there is.. that there is in fact, so much more around us if we open our senses to it.

This show will feature new works on paper plus new installations.
Also showing will be a variety of older works on paper as well as silkscreen prints, tees and more!

Backspace Gallery
115 NW 5th Ave
Portland, OR 97209


Adam Amengual said...

whoa, that shit looks dope man. Sick work with pencil.

M.W.M Graphics said...

Nice work bredj. BIG and bold. Fresh!

Micron Hero said...

The show was mind blowing. My favorite is the guy wearing the letterman jacket. I wish I could buy a piece but I'm broke.