Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Studio Space!

It's 2009 and I finally buckled down and got myself a bonafied studio space! I am moving into the 1920's North Coast Seed building in the Union Pacific train yard in the northeast part of Portland... right next to the Williamette River. It's a really industrial area that quite reminds me of New York.. a little piece of bustle and chaos amongst the often quiet of the pacific northwest.. And the actual studio space is huge.. 1400 sq. ft. 20ft wide, 70ft long with 14ft celings! And granted I don't even need all this space for myself, so I will be sharing it with a couple friends..

I don't move in until Feb 1st or so but the first order of business is getting rid of the standard tech/web neon green that is currently covering the walls!


M.W.M Graphics said...

RAD! Congrads man. That's mega!

Zenvironments said...

nice, thanks my man! yeah, i'm painting it as we speak.. prolly build some walls and sanctuaries and such..