Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Bewildered Flash

Sorry for the lack of posts these days... been traveling this summer and have had little time to sit down and blog about any of it... especially the art side of things. I think It's time I actually post about the art I've been getting into..

That being said, I'll start with something that's already over.. Comicon! I was involved in a group show for Subtext Gallery that held it's debut during Comicon week last month. I was asked to create a piece based on.. you guessed it.. comic book characters! With very little time and a ton of ideas, I decided the Flash, a true friend from the past, would be my focus.

This was my first attempt.. the Flash deflated... uhh, kinda hated it.

Then I went off on this one.. the Flash unmasked.. totally in the opposite direction, but more where my mind is headed these days...

So it was this piece that I ended up shipping on out to Subtext for the "Meanwhile.. In the Halls of Justice" Show.

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