Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life Piles - Letterpress Progress

I visited my friend Keegan at his print studio the other day to sit in on the printing of the first of my letterpress editions. I have never had prints made in this way before and it was really fun watching the progress. I am getting 3 letterpress prints made in total, 50 of each. The set will be called the Life Piles series. The orange blobs in the photos below are actually the plates for 2 of the drawings.. the third one is on the press getting inked..

I think i'll delay the launch of my new site by a couple days, while I wait to get all these. Then I'll launch when I have fun new prints to offer!


Peter Heirendt said...

What printing method is this? It's reminiscent of block printing. I like the end product. It looks very clean. Keep up the great work I'm excited for the cite.

Kevin said...

looking shweet!

BEN said...

i love your art, compliments..

daniela said...

that looks pretty amazing ;)

marry said...

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