Thursday, September 18, 2008

West Coast Roadtrip

I took advantage of the fact that my show at Thinkspace, the Sunnyside Yard, was in LA. Instead of boxing up and shipping all my work to Los Angeles, I decided to take the opportunity and road trip down with all the work packed in my subes. It was an amazing trip altogether, from Humbolt County to the Redwoods to Napa Valley to my time in LA and my trip all the way back up 101 back into Portland. The diversity of landscape, texture, temperature and weather.. it was amazing.. something I had never done before. I documented a lot of it.. here are some selects from the trip.

My friend Flavio. He started off the trip with me out of Portland and stayed on until Humbolt county..

The waters off the Black Sand beach in California. They were angry..

A crazy project in the works.. joining a bridge..

Venice Beach

My friend Gabe coming out of the Portaparty.. an installation at Royal T in Culver City. Gabe put me up while I was in LA. He's an artist and designer in his own right and one part of the sticker guerilla crew.. Status Faction.

The Oregon Dunes
Very serendipitous.. my good friends from New York, Rebecca and Jen, flew into Portland just as I was leaving. They are on a coastal biking expedition from Portland, Oregon to San Fransisco! They are insane.. let's just put it like that. I met up with them on my way back up the 101 in a small town called Langolia.. They actually have a blog of their biking progress, amongst other things.. check it out.

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