Monday, September 1, 2008

New Zenvironments skatedecks through Artsprojekt!

I had the pleasure of being invited to join a wicked collective called Artsprojekt recently. It is founded by none other than Andy Howell himself and promotes a type of on-demand art never before done on this scale and quality. You can order some of your favorite artists' work on skateboards, tees, giclee prints and more.

Andy is working with the likes of Shepard Fairey and Dalek and was kind enough to ask me to join in and also my brand Tank Theory! Currently, I am only offering my artwork on skatedecks, but fear not, the reproduction and quality are unrivaled. It's a giclee print on a skateboard for christ's sake! You could easily enough hang this on your wall as an art piece... some of you may.

I will be adding new products to Artsprojekt frequently, so do yourself the favor of checking this site out regularly.

These decks will be available shortly on my own site, but for now, check out Artsprojekt. You can search for me in the site or purchase the skatedecks directly here..

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