Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun Times at Portland High

Had a great past weekend! Got to finally put down the work I've had to do since I came to Portland and go out on the town and see what was what. On Thursday night, went to Rotture to a kickin soul & dance party w/ DJ Beyonda with my friends Tai and Nick. Friday, my brother Blake, came down from Seattle to help me move stuff into our new house. And I bought a new Subaru! Saturday night, it was my friend Lexi's big 30th at this amazing loft space where next door there was a huge party w/ fire and pudding wrestling. It was a strange affair but well worth the visit.. Here are some random pix from that night in particular. Sunday was recoup day. After 4 hours of sleep on Pete & Marisa's floor, woke for some great breakfast and the only other thing I had any energy for.. getting high and going to see Iron Man.

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