Thursday, May 29, 2008

Road Trip

I took my first roadtrip since I've been out in Portland. My brother, his friend Gilbert, and myself hopped in the subes and headed towards Mt. Baker in Washington for a big Ski to Sea event that happens every year, and which my older brother, Josh,
has teams in every year. We left Portland and took a very long, scenic route to Mt. Baker taking us through Mt. St. Helens, Seattle, the North Cascades and a number of little towns in between, about every windy, one lane road that Washington had to offer (many of them washed out, snowed in, or closed altogether), awesome views, too many beers, one broken Subaru key, one long walk from Georgetown through South Seattle, lots of arduous hikes through snow or pavement, good campfires with good people, one 80-some mile marathon from Mt. Baker to Puget Sound, and some of the wrinkliest feet I've ever seen.

Here are some random images from the trip..

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