Monday, May 12, 2008


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Subarus.. especially Subaru Loyales from 1989-93. They are cheap, economical, dependable work horses of vehicles that normally require very little work and when they do, can be fixed yourself pretty cheap. And I love the wagons because they are ugly, nobody wants to steal them, and they are great for lugging around wood, supplies, and other such things. And yet another reason I love them (especially when they are on the west coast) is that they don't rust like they do on the east, where they salt the hell out of the roads during the winter.

So, when my brother visited this weekend to pick up some schtuff for the house we're renting, we stopped by this dealership to look at a Subaru with no real intention of buying it.. then i saw this shiny, brown 93 Loyale 4x4, totally changed my mind.. and clunked down the cash on the spot for it. Now i have this totally ugly and sweet babe magnet that I can do all types of fun stuff with.. I mean.. look at how shiny it is!

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jensesma said...

i just stumbled upon your blog... you are such a sucker for the subaru, nice find!! so shiny, and rust free, that one will be around for a long time...