Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Thursday

I went out on a mission by bike with some friends to downtown Portland for some art and stimulation.. It was first thursday last week, when pretty much all the galleries and artist studios open their doors to the public for a chance to see what has been happening.. strangely enough, it seems the navy was also in town that night. Not only did we see battle ships that I can't imagine how got in the city, but the coast guard was also out in full force, cruising up and down the Willamette River in heavily armed boats.. It was kind of scary actually, like marshal law had set in.. this of course was compounded by the fact that drunken sailors were everywhere..

To protect drunken sailors.. or the beginning of marshal law?

Check out the sky in this picture.. This is pretty much how the weather has been here for the last 2 weeks.

We checked out the thesis work of some artists enrolled at PNCA.. in particular, this miniature medieval set really stood out for me. It was amazing down to the last little morsel of food on the table.

Then to Compound Gallery for another opening featuring 2 Tokyo artists, Mahk & Oeil.

I don't know this girl, but I really like this photo..

Then, sailors or no sailors, cheezin for the rest of the night..

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Steve said...

Hey man, I love your artwork and your writings, you seem like a well rounded down to earth guy. A lot of artists' blogs who I read are always so like "BLAH BLAH THIS AND THAT ARTSY FARTSY I HAVE TO SOUND LIKE I THINK I KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT TO IMPRESS YUPPIES", but your style is really like idk normal and level headed/not lame sounding. Anyways, big fan, no one else comments on your blog so i figured i would! hope your new home in portland is treating you good, its hot as fuck here in NY