Friday, June 27, 2008

House Party

My brother, Blake, my roommate Alison, and myself threw a house warming party last saturday to break in our house. We had some old and some new friends come over and some we didn't even know. Alison's ex-boyfriend's band, The Fasttakers came and played and they were rockin! My friend from Boston, a one mr. Rob Heppler (formerly of the Weekly Drop) came thru.. He is better at blogging than me so you should check out his take on the night here. Also, an unexpected guest, my friend Syd from New York ended up being in town and she came thru too.. fun! As usual the party eventually dwindled to a core of drunk individuals doing stupid things.. and yes that group included me.

The Fasttakers played around 11pm and I'm sure completely pissed off the neighbors. Luck would have it that by the time the cops actually came to quiet us down, the band has already stopped playing.

Ryan & Pete.. Ryan is one of the owners of said house we were partying at. He didn't mind.
Of course Pete brought over his Trike and it injured people.. In fact Pete just told me the other day he got another Trike identical to this one.. we are psyched!

Alison makes this totally redneck punch made with cheap vodka pink lemonade and Pabst beer. The white-trashiness is only accentuated by the fact that we served it in a mop bucket.
Paris mysteriously made a late night appearance.

Alison's mannequins became the stage for many a stupid moments.

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