Monday, June 30, 2008

Tidbits & Summer fun

The summer is in full swing here in Portland. It seems when the sun finally comes out here, it opens the whole shebang wide open. Here are some tidbits from this last weekend..

I attended a crazy party in the southeast of Portland on friday night... of course we ended up on the roof. This picture here kinda sums up the energy of summer.

A number of bands played at the party with the culmination of this one orchestra that played serbian gypsy music. I have to say, I wasn't totally excited about seeing them, but after they played a couple songs i was blown away by how awesome they were. It was so different from what I normally listen too, but hey, that's why I moved out here to begin with.. to experience new shit. Here is a snippet of what transpired musically... it reminded me of old kitchens and traveling the countryside by wagontrain.

From there, I was off and running..

And here we go..

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