Thursday, June 5, 2008

Framed work!

I'm really excited that after years of waiting, I've have finally gotten a number of awesome prints framed and hung in my new spot. Wanted to share some of my favorite artists work. Not the best photos, due to glare and such, but take a looksie...

Silkscreen print by Seattle based artist, Grant Barnhart.

An insane print by artist Aaron Horkey. This looks amazing framed.. black matte, black frame.. it's wicked in person.

Finally got about to framing the Tank Theory show poster I designed for the Spring 2007 season, titled Sideshow. As some of you may have seen previously seen photos of, I went out in the streets of New York on a wheat paste campaign putting these all over to generate buzz for the coming of that season. This rather cheap print on thin paper looks pretty damn good put in a solid black wood frame.

This letterpress print I got in trade years ago from Brooklyn based artist and designer, Kevin Devine.. I love this print and finally got the thing on my wall.

Another print by Grant Barnhart, this one newer that the other I had framed. This is one of the more expensive prints I've ever purchased, but just look at the thing! Such fresh artwork and printed so well.. the chicken in the center literally looks drawn on the paper.. This is one of my new favorites. Unfortunately, this photo does not do this print justice.

And a classic by Kozy and Dan.. I have always loved this piece and I'm psyched to finally get this framed.

I have so much more work I left back in New York.. much of it originals. I'm planning a trip back east in august, and I'll be scooping it all up then.. Can't wait to really fill up this house!

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Anonymous said...

wow! Framed Art is looking so great. You can find more from Spacify.